About Us


    The Freshest, Finest, Widest possible selection and
the most attentive personal service. Our business, like
yours, depends on delivering the very best and
since 1939, Sirna & Sons Produce has been
doing just that.
    Sirna & Sons Produce is a fourth-generation,
family-owned wholesale food distributor. The
company  has evolved into three distribution
with 86 
trucks and more than 200
employees. Our 
corporate  headquarters located in
Ravenna, OH 
opened in  January of
2006  and  our 
second location in 
Norwalk,  OH
opened in May of  2001, and was remodeled and
enlarged in 2010. In  May of 2014, we formed a
partnership with Lasita & Sons out of Cincinatti,
adding a third warehouse with 
service to Kentucky, 
Indiana, and southern Ohio.  This partnership marks
the merge of two families,  four generations, and over
100 years of service in the  produce industry.  In 2017
Lasita & Sons was purchased by Creation Gardens and
we look forward to working with them.
    Every day, we receive fruits and vegetables direct

from growers across the nation and around the

world. And every day, we deliver that same fresh

produce to healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels,

country clubs, and institutions throughout Ohio,
western and central Pennsylvania, northern
West Virginia, northern Kentucky, and eastern
Indiana. Virtually all of our products are
bought and sold the same day, so freshness is
never lost to prolonged warehouse storage. 

    Because you value quality and selection for every
meal you prepare, we consistently deliver in the time
frame you specify, six days a week. If you have not
yet done so, register to take advantage of our online
ordering system or now download our App for free.
And, if you forget to order an item, or if
you have an unexpected need, our gourmet and

produce specials delivery service is ready to

respond. You will always want to check out our

weekly produce specials, too, which offers a great

selection of fruits and vegetables, helpful tips, and
      We specialize, in fact, in filling special requests.

Thanks to our many relationships with growers and

brokers worldwide, we can locate any item – from

specialty herbs to baby vegetables. To assure

optimal product freshness and to help

you precisely control your inventories, we take and

fill orders on a daily basis. Accommodating, even

anticipating, your unique, day-to-day needs is part
of the uncompromising service that distinguishes

Sirna & Sons.

  In our 78-plus years of service, we have continually

provided premium produce, competitive pricing, and

superior service.


Call (330) 298-2222 or (800) 824-1868 to arrange a meeting with a Sirna & Sons sales representative.