Michael's Finer Meats & Seafood

Michael’ s Finer Meats and Seafoods began in 1962 as a part-time job for their founder, Michael Bloch, son of a Chicago meatpacking superintendent. His father regularly sent him shipments of selected cuts of meat. Michael picked them up at a trucking terminal in Columbus and delivered them by car to fine chefs all around the city. Michael soon left his regular job with a paper company and in 1966 bought The Union Meat Company. This then became Michael’ s Finer Meats. 
  After more than four decades, Michael’ s remains a family-owned business. John Bloch, Michael’ s son, is the company’ s president. John started there at 16, filling orders, loading and driving trucks, and carrying sides of beef.
Michael's Meats & Seafood provides the same fine products every time, for every customer. Whether you’ re a chef in a top restaurant or simply preparing a meal at home, you can always count on consistent, flavorful products from Michael’ s Finer Meats and Seafoods. 
Visit their Website:  https://www.michaelsmeats.com/